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What Our Customers Say

"An absolute quality product! They're so comfortable and a breeze to install. We've had these seats on all of our toilets for many months now and they are so easy to clean but most importantly they look great!!"

Aleisha F.

"Looks beautiful in the bathroom, and absolute luxury to use on a cold winter night! We have two, they are an investment :-)"

Jenny W.

"We are on the second replacement of one of their products on a seven year cycle. Good durability, design and looks."

David M.

"Their seats were so great for my dad while he was recovering from his hip fracture. It was really good quality. And the customer service was so caring."

Kaurina J.


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Easily Installs Onto 95% Of Toilet Seats
Manufacturing incredibly soft padded toilet seats in Australia since 1975
Premium Medical Grade Vinyl
Australian Made, Owned & Operated
Lightning Fast Australian Customer Support
Thousands of Happy Customers

Cush'n Soft Products are Lovingly made in Australia

Finding Relief With Cush’n Soft

Using a standard toilet seat can be an uncomfortably cold and hard experience.
Cush’n Soft toilet seats provide an innovative solution by transforming your cold ceramic toilet into a luxurious comfortable cushioned safe haven.
Our padded toilet seats also enhance your balance, stability and warmth in the cooler months without any complicated installation.
Whether you’re recovering from surgery, dealing with sensitive skin or just want a break from a porcelain seat, Cush’n Soft is right for you.

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Toilet Seats

  • 5 Minute Install

  • Medical Grade Vinyl

  • Fast & Free Shipping


  • Two layers of comfort foam

  • Easy and quick to use

  • Everything Australian Made

Shower Cushions

  • Medical Grade Vinyl

  • Waterproof & Washable

  • No Installation Required

I love your product, the artwork is beautiful & the seat is the most comfortable ever.
We found out about your product as there was one existing seat in the home we brought. We changed it to better reflect our taste in the artwork featured on the seat.
Very happy customer & highly recommend your awesome product.

William T

I bought my first cush’n soft in 1992 from a BBC hardware store.
It was the best thing I’ve ever sat on. Continuously since then I have bought more for myself and gifts for family.
People think that’s weird till they sit on it. Also how good it looks. I usually give one when someone moves house etc.

Sharen F