A Comprehensive Guide on How to Measure a Toilet Seat

evitalising your bathroom experience with the luxurious touch of a Cush’n Soft padded toilet seat involves more than just aesthetic considerations — it requires precision in measurement. 

Beyond the added comfort and durability, a padded toilet seat can transform your bathroom into a haven of relaxation.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the essential steps to accurately measure your toilet seat, ensuring that your transition to a Cush’n Soft upgrade is seamless and gratifying.

1. Assess the Shape

To determine the shape of your current toilet seat, place a measuring tape from the front of the toilet bowl to the centre of the hinge holes. Measure from this point to the outer edge of the seat to confirm whether it’s round or elongated. This distinction is crucial for selecting the right Cush’n Soft padded toilet seat, ensuring a proper fit that aligns perfectly with your toilet bowl’s shape.

Understanding the shape of your toilet seat is not only about aesthetics but also about functionality. A round or elongated seat affects the comfort and overall fit of the Cush’n Soft upgrade.

Asses the shape of your toilet seat

2. Measure the Width and Length

Ensure an accurate fit for your new Cush’n Soft padded seat by using a measuring tape to determine its dimensions. Measure the width by gauging the widest point of your existing toilet seat from one edge to the opposite side.

For the length, assess from the midpoint between the bolts to the outer front edge of the seat. Typically, round front seats measure around 16-1/2 inches, while elongated seats usually span about 18-1/2 inches. Matching these measurements ensures a comfortable and secure fit for your new seat. This precise measurement guarantees a snug fit without any gaps or overhangs.

Measure the width and length of your toilet seat

3. Determine the Bolt Hole Spacing

Take note of the distance between the centres of the bolt holes on the toilet bowl. Use a measuring tape to measure from the centre of one hole to the centre of the other. This measurement is crucial as it ensures that the holes on your Cush’n Soft padded toilet seat align perfectly with those on your toilet bowl, enabling a secure and stable installation. 

Proper bolt hole spacing is a critical factor for stability and security. Aligning the holes accurately ensures that the seat is securely attached to the toilet bowl, preventing any wobbling or instability.

Determine the bolt hole spacing of your toilet seat

4. Check the Clearance

Measure the clearance from the front of your toilet bowl to any nearby obstructions, such as walls, cabinets, or vanities. This measurement ensures that the Cush’n Soft padded toilet seat, when installed, doesn’t collide with any surrounding fixtures. It’s essential to guarantee a comfortable and unobstructed opening and closing of the seat without any interference.

Clearance measurement is crucial for the practicality of using the toilet. It ensures that the Cush’n Soft seat can be comfortably opened and closed without any hindrance from nearby fixtures.

Check the clearance of your toilet seat

Why Choose Cush'n Soft Padded Toilet Seats?

Cush’n Soft offers an extensive range of high-quality padded toilet seats designed for homes seeking comfort and style. Here are some compelling reasons why choosing Cush’n Soft is the ideal choice:

  • Comfort and Durability: The Cush’n Soft padded toilet seats are crafted with premium materials, ensuring unparalleled comfort and long-lasting use.
  • Variety of Designs: Explore a wide array of designs, colours, and patterns to match your bathroom decor and personal preferences perfectly.
  • Easy Installation: The straightforward installation process makes upgrading to a Cush’n Soft padded toilet seat a hassle-free experience for anyone.
The Importance of Accurate Measurements of your toilet seat


Toilets are a fundamental part of any home, and ensuring a comfortable bathroom experience involves meticulous attention to detail, especially when replacing a toilet seat. 

By following these steps for precise measurement, you can confidently select a seat that perfectly fits your toilet, ensuring both comfort and safety.

Visit Cush’n Soft’s website to explore their range of premium padded toilet seats and take the first step towards a more comfortable bathroom experience. Remember, a Cush’n Soft padded toilet seat not only adds comfort but also elevates the overall aesthetics of your bathroom, providing a touch of luxury to your everyday routine.